Submission guide

  • Make sure your link works and returns status code HTTP 200, and avoid linking to redirection pages (3xx status code) or broken pages (4xx or 5xx status codes). You can check the HTTP status of the links, deep links, and social media profiles on
  • Include a description of the company or website of up to 755 characters. You can use online spellcheck tools to improve the quality of your description.
  • Include as many details as possible: email address, phone number, physical address, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram page, Telegram group, and more.
  • You can include up to 5 deep links in your submission. The deep link fields can also be used to link a GitHub repository or social media profiles that are not available in the menu: Discord, Twitch, Medium, etc.
  • Choose the most relevant category
  • When adding an address of a business with multiple locations, use the address of the headquarters.

    The address should include street & street number or P.O. box, postal code, city (state, optional), and country. Use the most common address format for this country.

  • When adding a phone number insert a phone number for international calls if possible - otherwise a domestic phone number
  • Include the country code for your phone number +1 (for U.S. and Canada), +49 (for Germany), ... see: List of country calling codes

  • You can submit the same domain twice or more if it provides multiple services on different subdomains or pages - for example is relevant in the wallets category, and is relevant in the directories category.
  • You can submit any page that has a Bitcoin Cash donation address (such as your personal website) or a blog that publishes posts about Bitcoin Cash
  • Report broken links, issues with merchants, invalid phone numbers, and other issues using the contact form or the "report a problem"-option on the link details page

If you have ideas for this link directory, you want a new category to be added or a link partnership; use the contact form.

For a small donation of $3 or more, you can get featured on the home page (the website shows only one of the featured links):
bitcoincash:qzyy5jt0u0undxlytazfy6xpvnkqfz0zyczj0rtw4y (use the contact form after making a donation)